Meet The CEO...

Kekoa MacAuley

With over 6 years of experience in the Social Media Marketing space, Kekoa is seeking to change the way personal brands are built. Since the inception of Esquared Media in 2018, Kekoa and his team have helped serve over 250 clients in a variety of different niches and industries, building profitability and generating new leads and business for entrepreneurs, fashion bloggers, non-profits, and fitness influencers.


Kekoa aims to serve you at any step of the process in building your personal brand, with real followers who are genuinely interested in your content.


As a senior student at Vanderbilt University, Kekoa is currently based out in Nashville, TN and plans to move to Los Angeles, California to continue scaling Esquared Media and his own personal brand, @kekoamac on IG.

Targeted Follower Growth

How It Works

We scrape usernames of people who follow influencers in your niche. Our AI Filtering software then removes any spam accounts or non-USA based followers and verifies that we only are promoting your account to High Quality accounts.


Out of these users, we utilize our collection of thousands of accounts to send Direct Messages promoting your account. In each DM sent, your profile is linked directly and is clickable by the users being sent messages.

This drives MASSIVE amounts of targeted traffic and new followers to your page, bringing new business leads and sales.


You can focus on what you do best ~ creating content ~ while we drive traffic to your page, promoting your content and business to the rest of the world!

For the longest time I was stuck at a plateau when it came to followers ... as soon as I signed up with Kekoa though, he went above and beyond anything I could have asked for. My engagement went up with natural, organic growth.

Josiah Mcintosh


Celebrity Growth Campaigns

How It Works

We partner up with HUGE celebrities and influencers and utilize their audience to drive traffic to your page.


The celebrities we partner with, give away cash prizes and luxury items to their followers.


In order for people to enter the celebrity giveaway, they must follow a list of people our agency or host page follows on Instagram.


After payment is processed, our host page will follow your account and individuals will be required to follow you in order to enter the giveaway.


This drives MASSIVE amounts of growth to your page.


These campaigns are cheaper in price due to the nature of the campaigns. People follow your page in order to win a cash prize or luxury item, not necessarily for your content.

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